New progress has been made in”research and demonstration of ecological comprehensive treatment technology for greenhouse vegetable soil health in Qinghai Plateau”
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Recently, the project”research and demonstration of ecological comprehensive treatment technology for vegetable soil health in Qinghai Plateau facilities” of the Academy of agricultural and Forestry Sciences of Qinghai University passed the acceptance.
The project has carried out the research, development and application of microbial agents for the prevention and control of soil borne diseases and bionic organic sulfur soil treatment technology, developed five new microbial fertilizer products, and conducted application demonstrations on multiple sites and crops; The technical mode of rapid and comprehensive treatment of vegetable soil borne diseases with soil disinfection and the application of beneficial microbial agents as the core was established; This paper puts forward the technical mode of disease prevention in CO cultivation and fallow cultivation, and the cultural mode of Jerusalem artichoke straw fermentation and pepper return to the field.
The project establishes one core demonstration base in Xining city and eight demonstration bases in Huzhu, Datong, Huangzhong and other counties and districts. The cumulative experimental demonstration area is 1523 mu, with a total output value of 31.832 million yuan and a new net income of 2.5812 million yuan. After three years of experimental demonstration, the use of chemical pesticides in the demonstration sites has been reduced by more than 40%, the incidence of soil borne diseases has been reduced by 35%, and the soil structure and soil properties have been improved, effectively promoting a virtuous cycle of ecology.