New progress has been made in the application and safety evaluation of tea polyphenol self-assembled antibacterial new materials
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Recently, the tea quality and risk assessment innovation team of the Tea Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences has made new progress in the research of self-assembly of tea polyphenols and construction of new materials. The relevant achievements are”3D printed pcla scaffold with nano hydroxyapatite coating dotted green tea EGCG promotes bone growth and innovations multidrug resistant bacteria Co“Lonization” was published in the well-known biological journal Cell proliferation (doi:10.1111/cpr.13289).
EGCG in tea has good antibacterial activity, but because of the polyphenol hydroxyl structure, it is very easy to inactivate in vivo and in vitro. How to exert the in situ release of EGCG at the infected site in vivo is an urgent problem to be solved. Based on this, researchers riveted EGCG self-assembled hydroxyapatite (HA) onto 3D bioprinting pcla scaffolds to prepare pcla/kh-ha-egcg multifunctional scaffolds. The scaffold has the mechanical properties of matching cartilage, good cell adhesion and bone conductivity. It is also expected to achieve in situ clearance of drug-resistant bacteria MRSA at the bone repair site. Through the safety evaluation of scaffold cells and blood, researchers found that the scaffold has good biocompatibility. This newly constructed tea polyphenol self-assembly material is expected to be used as a new antibacterial coating in tissue engineering materials and medical devices.
Dr. Zhang Xiangchun of our institute and Dr. He Jian of Henan University of science and technology are the co first authors, the chief researcher of the team, Chen Hongping, and Dr. huxulin of Chengdu University are the corresponding authors of the paper, and the senior chief researcher of the team, Lu Chengyin, is the co author. The research was supported by the national key research and development plan, the science and technology innovation project of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the youth innovation project.