Nanning Municipal Bureau of market supervision organized and held an interview on the implementation of the main responsibility of food safety by many unqualified food production enterprises
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In order to implement the”four strictest” requirements, further implement the supervision responsibility of food production and operation, and urge enterprises to implement the main responsibility of food safety, on July 21, Nanning Municipal Market Supervision Bureau organized and held several interviews on the responsibility of unqualified food production enterprises in sampling inspection, and informed Nanning of the products of unqualified enterprises in sampling inspection over the years.
At the meeting, relevant enterprises analyzed the causes of unqualified products and reported the rectification. Song Gang, member of the Party group and deputy director of Nanning Market Supervision Bureau, stressed that first, we should improve our political position and fully understand the importance and urgency of doing a good job in food safety; Second, we should further strengthen supervision means and highlight the rectification of key food; Third, enterprises should further improve and strengthen the implementation of the main responsibility of food safety; Fourth, we will further prevent and control the epidemic in the production and processing of imported cold chain food, and strictly implement the nucleic acid testing requirements for personnel in high-risk positions.