Namibia’s cattle industry is worth n $4.6 billion
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Namibia’s”sun” reported on July 20 that the world bank and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) pointed out in the private sector diagnostic report that the cattle industry in Namibia is worth 4.6 billion n dollars (about 310million US dollars), and there is an opportunity to increase added value. According to the report, Na is a net exporter of beef, with about 85%of the exported meat (2.6 billion Na dollars) sold to South Africa, the European Union, Norway, Russia, China and Angola, and the rest to other African and emerging market countries. In 2017, Namibia was the 26th largest beef exporter in the world. The report points out that the value chain of animal husbandry should be improved by solving production restrictions, maintaining export quality, promoting product diversification and local value-added investment, enhancing resilience to climate change, developing market diversification strategies by solving non-tariff and logistics barriers, using the African continent free trade area agreement, entering other African and Middle East markets, and establishing strategic partnerships with Botswana, So as to improve the competitiveness of animal husbandry in the global value chain and support the inclusive and green growth of the industry.