Myxosporidiosis broke out in NRS farm, and 800000 salmon were removed
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According to the company, the base is located in the Elva (Alta municipality) of Alta City, Norway, and breeds triploid Atlantic salmon. In consideration of the welfare of surrounding animals, the company decided to eliminate all triploid salmon in the farm.
According to a paper published by the Norwegian scientific community, Myxosporidiosis is a parasitic disease that can cause significant mortality in cultured salmon.
NRS said that the average weight of triploid salmon in Elva base was 650 grams.”This event will have an impact on the performance of the company in the third quarter of 2022, and the company is expected to reduce its production by 2000 tons to 30000 tons in 2022.”
The company said it would continue to analyze the consequences of the incident and would provide more relevant information in the second quarter report of 2022.