Mudanjiang city carries out guidance and inspection of key food safety work
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From June 28 to July 8, Mudanjiang municipal market supervision bureau set up a comprehensive guidance and inspection team to guide and inspect the key work of food safety in 10 counties (cities) and districts, such as the rectification of”micro corruption” in the field of food safety,”inspection and protection” special action,”food safety system implementation year” activity, imported cold chain food epidemic prevention and control, case investigation and handling, and ensure that all work is carried out in depth.
The comprehensive guidance and inspection team, led by deputy director Zhao Youzhi, adopts the methods of listening to reports, checking data, looking at the scene and so on. Guided by problems, it has a face-to-face conversation with the main leaders of the county (city) market supervision bureau, informs the specific problems found in the preliminary work, and studies specific countermeasures and methods.
It focused on the launch of the special rectification action for the safety of school and surrounding food and health food, the filling of various statistical statements in the rectification account for the safety problems of school and surrounding food and health food, the measures to promote the”Internet + bright kitchen and bright stove” of school canteens and group meal distribution units, whether the learning and training plan for employees was formulated, and the business entities around the campus carried out random inspections, The problems found were fed back on site.
Focus on the inspection coverage and problem discovery rate of the special action of”keeping the bottom line, checking hidden dangers and ensuring safety” of food safety, and focus on whether to establish a list of potential risks in the jurisdiction, so as to master the base number of food production and operation entities in detail; Whether the whole project inspection is carried out for each unit in accordance with the”key points table for supervision and inspection of food production and operation”, and the standing book for rectification of food safety problems is established. The inspection guidance team selects”problematic enterprises” for on-site inspection to check whether the rectification and cancellation are in place.
Focus on the establishment of the monthly work account of the”food safety system implementation year” activity, the sorting of the system, and the”one enterprise, one file, one list” of key business types. The steering group also gave specific guidance on the supervision of imported cold chain food safety, the handling of cases such as food safety complaints and reports, handing over and handling, and verification and disposal.
After the inspection and guidance, the Municipal Bureau formed a report on the inspection and guidance of key food safety work, which was reported at the director’s office meeting on July 9, and made research and deployment on the promotion of key work in the second half of the year.
Wen Zi:Food Coordination Department of Mudanjiang market supervision and Administration Bureau