Mentougou District Market Supervision Bureau of Beijing carried out peak shift night inspection to escort summer night economy
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  Food partner online news With the advent of midsummer and the stabilization of the epidemic situation, the summer night economy in Mentougou District of Beijing has warmed up, and human fireworks are everywhere. In order to regulate the night market economy and do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, the district market supervision bureau gave full play to its functions, carried out peak shift night inspections, joint inspections and other work, further standardized the business behavior of market entities, and guaranteed the food safety of the people.
First, check the old signboard stores. Jointly with the public security, urban management, environmental and other departments, we will carry out a joint inspection on the old brand catering entities that have operated for many years and have a large passenger flow in Yongding area. The market supervision department mainly inspected the license hanging, kitchen hygiene and epidemic prevention and control, focusing on the purchase and storage of food raw materials, especially refrigerated food, kitchen environmental sanitation, use management, toxic hygiene, employee vaccines and nucleic acid testing. A total of 2 catering entities were inspected, and the overall situation was good. During the inspection, it was found that 1 did not hang a business license, and it was ordered to correct on the spot.
Second, check key business districts. Carry out food safety and epidemic prevention and control inspections around Longhu Tianjie and 365plus business district. Focus on the source of food, incoming inspection, kitchen environment, personnel management, disinfection and use of tableware, and the implementation of various epidemic prevention measures. A total of 26 households were inspected. In view of the problems such as the garbage cans were not covered properly, the business entity was required to make changes. At the same time, law enforcement personnel urged business entities to consciously standardize their business behavior, earnestly perform the duties of the first person responsible for food safety, attach great importance to epidemic prevention and control, and implement various epidemic prevention measures.
Third, check the epidemic prevention and control. We will focus on catering units with large passenger flow, beauty salons and seven small stores along the street to carry out peak shift night inspections. Focus on the implementation of the”four piece set” and the management of employees. In addition, it was suggested that catering service units should continue to strictly implement control measures, control the flow density, reasonably maintain the dining distance, advocate sitting in separate seats, packing takeout, and advocate the use of contactless settlement methods such as mobile payment, so as to lay a solid foundation for the prevention and control of the normalized epidemic.
In the next step, the Regional Bureau will further strengthen supervision, standardize the business behavior of market players, improve the awareness of normalized epidemic prevention and control, promote the safe and orderly recovery of summer night economy, and escort the regional economic development through daily inspection, joint law enforcement, publicity and education, and investigating and dealing with violations. (contributed by Beijing Mentougou District Market Supervision Bureau)