Market supervision cadres turned into network”anchor” — Baiyin Jingyuan County Market Supervision Bureau carried out online epidemic prevention and control training for catering units
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This training conveyed the spirit of the recent epidemic prevention and control related meetings and documents, and mainly interpreted in detail the requirements of the prevention and control plan for novel coronavirus pneumonia (Ninth Edition), the epidemic prevention and control flow chart of catering service units, and the notice of Jingyuan County market supervision and Administration Bureau on catering units to do a good job in preparing for the resumption of food in the hall, focusing on the disinfection and sterilization of business sites, the requirements for employees to work The requirements for consumers to enter the store, the purchase of food raw materials, personnel training, emergency plans and other aspects were comprehensively and carefully explained.
Up to now, a total of 693 catering units in the county, 761 people, have participated in the training of epidemic prevention and control and food safety knowledge, carried out 650 epidemic prevention and control assessments, signed 650 copies of the commitment of Jingyuan County catering units to resume eating in class, and posted 650 copies of the notice on catering units to make good preparations for eating in class and the flow chart of epidemic prevention and control of catering service units.