Market dynamics of domestic and foreign agricultural products in the 28th week of 2022 (July 11 – July 17) – domestic meat, eggs and vegetables prices rose, and most international bulk agricultural products prices fell
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  1、 Transaction situation of domestic fresh agricultural products wholesale market
According to the monitoring of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, in the 28th week of 2022 (July 11, 2022 – July 17, 2022, the same below), the”200 index of wholesale prices of agricultural products” was 121.92 (taking 2015 as 100), an increase of 3.52 points over the previous week, and a year-on-year increase of 12.66 points; The”200 index of wholesale price of ‘vegetable basket’ products” was 122.79 (100 in 2015), up 4.14 points from the previous week and 13.06 points higher than the same period last year.
  1. Prices of major livestock products rose. The weekly average price of pork in the wholesale market was 30.40 yuan per kilogram, up 7.5%month on month, rising for five consecutive weeks, with a cumulative increase of 44.1%, up 36.2%year-on-year; Beef was 77.33 yuan per kilogram, up 0.1%month on month and 1.1%year-on-year; Mutton was 66.21 yuan per kilogram, up 0.4%month on month, down 8.3%year on year; White striped chicken was 18.23 yuan per kilogram, up 0.9%month on month, up 11.2%year on year. The weekly average price of eggs in the wholesale market was 9.85 yuan per kilogram, up 2.8%month on month and 8.5%year-on-year.
  2. The price of aquatic products rose and fell. The weekly average prices of yellow croaker, silver carp and carp in the wholesale market were 44.84 yuan, 18.96 yuan and 14.78 yuan per kilogram respectively, up 2.8%, 0.5%and 0.4%month on month respectively; The weekly average prices of hairtail, Grasscarp, crucian carp and silver carp in the wholesale market were 40.37 yuan, 16.82 yuan, 20.28 yuan and 9.82 yuan per kilogram respectively, down 3.5%, 0.3%, 0.1%and 0.1%month on month respectively.
  3. The average price of vegetables continued to rise. The weekly average price of 28 vegetables under key monitoring was 4.62 yuan per kilogram, up 5.5%month on month and 13.2%year-on-year. In terms of varieties, the prices of 24 kinds of vegetables increased and 4 kinds fell. Among them, the prices of cucumber, green pepper, rape and tomato increased significantly, up 19.4%, 17.9%, 17.1%and 15.6%month on month, respectively. Spinach, cauliflower and lettuce increased by 12.3%, 12.3%and 10.4%month on month, respectively, and other varieties increased within 10%; Lotus root, wax gourd, pumpkin and white radish fell 5.9%, 2.6%, 2.5%and 0.6%month on month, respectively.
  4. The average price of fruit rose slightly. The weekly average price of six kinds of fruits under key monitoring was 7.10 yuan per kilogram, up 1.6%month on month and 19.9%year-on-year. In terms of varieties, Yali pear, Jufeng grape, watermelon and pineapple increased by 3.4%, 3.0%, 1.9%and 1.5%month on month respectively; Banana and Fuji Apple prices fell 1.5%and 0.2%month on month, respectively.
 II. International prices of bulk agricultural products
  1. Prices of most bulk agricultural products fell
The international cotton index (SM level) was 117.83 cents per pound (US $2598 per ton), down 17%month on month and up 19%year on year; The weekly average CIF price of Malaysian palm oil in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, was $1219 per ton, down 11%month on month and 2%year on year; The average weekly closing prices of corn, wheat, soybean oil and soybeans on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange were $280, $296, $1356 and $580 per ton, respectively, down 6%, 2%, 2%and 1%month on month, with year-on-year increases of 13%, 23%, 8%and 9%respectively; The weekly average price of Thai 100%B-grade and 5%broken rice in Bangkok was $436 and $422 per ton respectively, down 1%month on month and 1%year-on-year.
  2. Sugar prices rose 4%month on month
The weekly average price of raw sugar of the international sugar Council was 18.78 cents per pound (US $414 per ton), up 4%month on month and 10%year on year.