Malaysia issued a list of standards and regulations to amend the food regulations 1985 in 2023
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   2022年7月5日,马来西亚卫生部官网发布2023年拟修订的《1985年食品条例》下的食品标准法规清单。据悉, 马来西亚卫生部通过食品安全和质量计划 (PKKM))自2020年到2024年的五年间分阶段对《1985年食品条例》进行全面和系统地审查。

The list released this time covers a total of 7 categories of products, including tea, coffee, chicory and related products, hard shell fruits (coconut and coconut products, peanut products), vegetables and vegetable products, non standardized food in other places, new food and other commodities, with a total of 44 items. All interested parties (stakeholders) can submit revision comments on the contents of the regulations in the list, and the deadline for comments is December 31, 2022.