Luzhou municipal market supervision bureau held the 2022 food safety sampling business training meeting
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In order to improve the food safety sampling business level of the city’s market supervision system, Luzhou Market Supervision Bureau recently held a 2022 food safety sampling business training meeting. Xu Jian, member of the Party group and deputy director of the municipal market supervision bureau, and more than 40 people from relevant departments, law enforcement detachment, district and county market supervision bureaus, and inspection agencies attended the training.
At the meeting, relevant experts from the Sichuan food risk monitoring Secretariat were invited to carry out the training. Starting with the theoretical knowledge of plan issuance, sampling definition, inspection and detection, verification and disposal, information publicity, task platform, organization form of sampling work and other theoretical knowledge, according to the requirements of the implementation rules for sampling inspection of national food safety supervision (2022 Edition), combined with examples, the basic information entry of samples was explained in simple terms Specific operational knowledge such as standardized document filling. Through the training, the participants greatly deepened their understanding of the strict requirements of the sampling work, put the procedural standards of the sampling process into their minds, further improved their ideological understanding, and attached great importance to the preciseness and standardization of the sampling work.