Luzhou held a food safety risk research and judgment meeting in the first half of 2022
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On July 21, Luzhou held a food safety risk assessment meeting in the first half of 2022. The meeting was presided over by Xu Jian, a member of the Party group and deputy director of the municipal market supervision bureau. Relevant heads of the municipal development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Bureau of agriculture and rural areas, the Municipal Health Commission, and the food safety offices of all districts and counties attended the meeting.
At the meeting, the municipal development and Reform Commission reported on the supervision of food quality and safety. The Municipal Bureau of agriculture and rural areas analyzed the quality and safety monitoring of agricultural products. The Municipal Health Commission studied and judged the monitoring of food pollutants and harmful factors in food, and the monitoring of foodborne diseases. The Municipal Market Supervision Bureau exchanged and analyzed the risks found in sampling monitoring, food production and operation supervision, complaints and reports, The district and county food safety offices made speeches on the food safety risks in the first half of the year, and put forward supervision ideas and plans for the existing risks.
The meeting pointed out that first, we should comprehensively consolidate the regional grain quality inspection ability and strengthen the grain quality inspection; Second, we should strengthen the supervision of agricultural materials market, do a good job in pre production control, promote agricultural standardized production, do a good job in production guidance, increase the intensity of sampling punishment, do a good job in post production supervision, improve the certificate inspection system, and do a good job in market access; Third, we should standardize food safety risk monitoring and sampling, strengthen the analysis and utilization of food safety monitoring data, strengthen the sharing of sampling information, strengthen the exchange and cooperation between departments, and comprehensively improve the efficiency of supervision; Fourth, we should complete this year’s food safety sampling inspection and the inspection and disposal of unqualified food with high quality, focus on”you order and I inspect”, increase the intensity of rapid inspection according to the ratio of the total number of production and operation entities to the rapid inspection batch of 1:1, speed up the construction of key food safety rapid inspection rooms, and try our best to restore the basic level of rapid inspection ability, timely publicize the sampling inspection results, so as to achieve the positive role of”guiding production and guiding consumption”.