Linxia food inspection and testing center solidly carried out special supervision and sampling of food safety during the epidemic
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A total of 24 batches of rice, flour, oil, vegetables, fruits and other samples that the masses are more concerned about and consume a large amount were sampled in this sampling, involving 3 large guaranteed supply supermarkets and 3 large wholesale markets in Linxia city.
In order to do a good job in this sampling work, the State Food Inspection and testing center, according to the relevant regulations on supervision and sampling and epidemic prevention and control, combined with the current situation of large population flow and complex population in supermarkets and farmers’ markets and the consumption characteristics during the epidemic, formulated the”Linxia State Food Inspection and testing center food safety supervision and sampling plan during epidemic prevention and control”, determined the sampling location, variety and quantity, prepared protective materials, and completed personnel nucleic acid testing, And disinfection and sterilization the sampled supplies. In the process of sampling inspection, the outer package of the sample shall be disinfected and sealed to ensure that the sampling process is standardized and legal, and the prevention and control measures are in place. After the completion of sampling, the samples will be distributed to each inspection room as soon as possible according to the inspection process and epidemic prevention and control requirements, and personnel will be organized to carry out inspection and testing. The inspection work focuses on”heavy metals, mycotoxins, physical and chemical indicators, pesticide residues” and other items. At present, the inspection work is advancing in an orderly manner.
This special supervision and sampling inspection is an important measure to ensure the food safety of the people during the epidemic period, and it is also a concrete embodiment of Linxia food inspection and testing center’s adherence to the concept of”people first”. In the next step, the State Food Inspection and testing center will continue to do a good job in food safety sampling, investigate potential food safety hazards, provide strong technical support for market supervision, and fulfill its mission and demonstrate its responsibility in resolutely winning the epidemic prevention and control war.