Liaocheng Market Supervision Bureau held a work scheduling meeting for the special action of”keeping the bottom line, checking hidden dangers and ensuring safety” for food safety
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On July 22, Liaocheng Market Supervision Bureau held a work scheduling meeting for the special action of”observing the bottom line, investigating hidden dangers and ensuring safety” (hereinafter referred to as”observing inspection and protection”) for food safety of the city’s market supervision system. Li Bo, member of the Party group and Deputy director of the Municipal Bureau, Wang Zhongdong, a fourth level researcher, heads of relevant departments of the Municipal Bureau, all staff of the”observing inspection and protection” special class, directors in charge of all counties (cities, districts) and”observing inspection and protection” principals attended the meeting.
Participants watched the video conference on the work scheduling of the special action of the provincial Food Safety Bureau on”keeping the bottom line, checking hidden dangers and ensuring safety”; The leaders in charge of each county and urban Bureau report the implementation of the special action; Deputy director Li Bo informed the work, existing problems and risk tips of the city’s”inspection and protection” special action, and arranged and deployed the next key tasks.
The meeting required that the city’s market supervision system should stand at the height of stressing politics, consolidate the existing achievements, and continue to deepen the”inspection and protection” action. All county-level bureaus should further clarify the key areas, key units and key varieties according to the risk problems notified at the provincial and municipal dispatching meetings and in close connection with local reality, pay close attention to the implementation at all levels, and extensively investigate all kinds of food safety risks. For enterprises within the scope of”five focuses” within the jurisdiction, carry out”carpet” and”dragnet” intensive investigation, and timely disclose the inspection situation, so that production and operation enterprises dare not slack off in food safety management, and promote the formation of good norms of conduct. We should strengthen the supervision of food safety links, pay attention to the promotion of the”three small” business forms of food, and solve the long-standing stubborn problems. We should take various forms to complete the two high-quality assessment indicators of food safety evaluation sampling inspection and food safety satisfaction and other key work with high quality.
The meeting stressed that the working mechanism should be strictly implemented, and work scheduling meetings, risk meetings and chambers of commerce should be held regularly to analyze, study and judge potential food safety hazards, control food safety risks, and vigorously promote the implementation of key work. All localities should strengthen information exchange, standardize the submission of all kinds of information, timely report good experience and practices, and lead the city’s”inspection and protection” action to be carried out in a high quality. We should strengthen publicity and reporting, and widely publicize the results of the action through the establishment of a”inspection and protection” column on wechat official account, the release of information on the website, and the publication of typical cases. We should strengthen public opinion monitoring, strictly implement the 24-hour response mechanism, and carry out disposal work in a timely and efficient manner. We should unblock the channels of complaint and report, deal with the complaints and reports of the masses in a timely manner, severely crack down on food business violations, and effectively deter food safety criminals.