Leping City, Jingdezhen carried out a special inspection of stewed vegetables delis
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First, focus on checking whether the store’s two certificates are complete and whether the employees’ health certificates are valid; Whether the production and storage conditions of cooked pickled vegetables meet the standards, whether there are problems such as expired mildew, and raw material processing behavior; Whether the food purchase account is complete. Second, employees are required to achieve”three whites”, that is, they must wear white hats, white gloves and white masks in the process of selling pickled vegetables and cooked foods. Third, employees should be vigilant in the daily business process, and truly achieve the”Three Prevention”, namely, prevention of rats, flies and cockroaches.
Later, the Bureau will look back on the business households that need to be rectified, and deal with the business households that fail to rectify or refuse to rectify according to law, so as to ensure the food safety of residents in the jurisdiction.