Latest research:daily consumption of avocado can help reduce cholesterol
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Recently, the Journal of the American Heart Association published the results of a study on avocado, which was jointly carried out by the University of California, Los Angeles, Tufts University and Loma Linda University, with the assistance and support of Wake Forest University. The study involved more than 1000 overweight or obese people and lasted for 6 months. During the experiment, half of the subjects were told to eat one avocado a day, while the other half maintained a normal diet.
In this study, eating one avocado a day did not lead to weight gain, but also led to a slight decrease in low-density lipoprotein cholesterol. These are important findings to improve health. According to Kristina Petersen, an assistant professor of nutritional science at Texas Tech University, if participants’ diet was 100 points, regular consumption of avocado could improve the overall score by 8 points.
According to Kristina,”our results show that eating one avocado a day can greatly improve the overall dietary quality. We know that higher dietary quality is related to reducing the risk of a variety of diseases, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and a variety of malignancies. This information is crucial.”
Penny Kris Etherton, a professor of nutritional science at Pennsylvania State University, said that this study”provides evidence that avocado can be a healthy supplement to a balanced diet”, and even found that avocado has no effect on weight gain or abdominal obesity.
According to Joan sabate, a professor at the school of public health at Loma Linda University,”eating one avocado a day will not lead to weight gain, but will not lead to an improvement in the clinical significance of abdominal fat and other cardiac metabolic risk factors.” The good news is that eating more calories from avocado has the least negative effect on total cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, and has no effect on body weight or abdominal fat.
In addition, they found that eating avocado low-density lipoprotein cholesterol every day can reduce 2.5mg/dl, total cholesterol can reduce 2.9mg/dl. According to the researchers, the analysis of the research results will continue in the future. Future research may examine how participants incorporate avocados into their diets and see if the results change according to the way individuals eat avocados.