Lanzhou New Area:strengthen food safety supervision and organize a dense epidemic prevention and control network
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Law enforcement personnel comprehensively strengthen the inspection and health management of personnel in key places in accordance with the spirit of the prevention and control plan for covid-19 (Ninth Edition) and the measures for Gansu Province to implement the prevention and control plan for novel coronavirus-19 (Ninth Edition) of the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council. First, strictly implement the main responsibility for epidemic prevention and control. All kinds of food business units are required to strictly implement the personnel inspection measures of”one sweep and three inspections”, supervise and urge the personnel entering the store to measure their temperature, wear masks, and maintain a safe distance of”one meter line”. Employees are required to carry out nucleic acid testing as required, and regularly carry out disinfection and sterilization and ventilation in the place. Second, strengthen the supervision of food production and business units. Urge to strictly implement the main responsibilities of food safety, such as employee management, incoming inspection, food safety self inspection, traceability management, obtaining nucleic acid test reports and disinfection certificates, strengthen the cleaning and disinfection of production and business sites, strictly control the key links in the production and business process, actively implement the requirements of”civilized dining tables”, promote the serving of individual dishes, use public chopsticks and spoons, reduce staff meals, strictly prevent and control food safety risks. Third, strengthen the supervision of imported cold chain food. Urge the operators of imported cold chain food to fully implement the requirements of”three specialties, three certificates and four noes”, fully use the”Gansu food safety information traceability platform”, strengthen the health management of employees, and urge the strict implementation of nucleic acid testing once a day during operation. Fourth, strengthen the control of online ordering. Urge the third-party platform of online catering service to strengthen the health management of meal delivery personnel, do a good job in the protection of meal delivery personnel, nucleic acid detection and disinfection of meal delivery containers, adhere to”one monitoring every day”, implement”one single disinfection”,”one seal for one meal”,”no contact” distribution services, etc., strictly prevent cross contamination in the process of meal delivery, and ensure the safety of online meals.
So far, a total of 676 food production and operation entities have been inspected, 37 canteens on construction sites have been screened, 5 employees of imported cold chain food have been screened, and a total of 68 nucleic acid tests have been conducted; 113 takeaway employees were screened, with a total of 609 nucleic acid tests. Operators are required to rectify the problems found, such as not strictly falling the experimental code for temperature measurement, personnel morning inspection, expired health certificates, not storing food as required, and not standardizing the retention of samples, so as to make every effort to ensure the food safety of the people during the epidemic.