Lanzhou market supervision and Administration Bureau conducted epidemic prevention and control inspection on cold chain food
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In order to prevent the risk of novel coronavirus contamination in cold chain food, we will strengthen the prevention and control of the epidemic on a regular basis. Lanzhou municipal market supervision bureau and district and county market supervision bureaus jointly conducted a special and comprehensive investigation on the purchase channels of frozen meat products and frozen aquatic products raw materials of food production enterprises in our city.
This investigation focuses on the comprehensive inspection of the incoming verification of cold chain meat products and aquatic products raw materials, certificate and ticket demand, incoming records, raw and auxiliary material feeding records, food additive use records, key control point records, product sales records, entrusted inspection agreements, inspection reports, raw material cold storage, finished product storage, production site environment, etc. The inspection team requires meat production enterprises to further improve their political position, effectively enhance the awareness of prevention and control of COVID-19, strictly implement the main responsibility for food safety, and strictly control the purchase of raw materials; Strictly fulfill the legal obligations of food safety, and ensure the production quality and safety of meat products enterprises and the prevention and control of COVID-19.
At the same time, in order to strengthen the management of imported cold chain food centralized supervision warehouse, standardize the regional setting of centralized supervision warehouse, the operation site is divided into work area and management area, and the work area is strictly under closed-loop management; Special access channels for freight vehicles, staff and managers have been set up to avoid cross infection; Unified disinfection and testing of imported cold chain food; Urge the storage and processing enterprises of imported cold chain food to strictly implement the requirement of nucleic acid detection for all staff once a day during the operation of front-line personnel. At the same time, we will continue to strengthen the prevention, control and traceability management of the domestic production, circulation and sales of imported cold chain food, so that the source can be traced, the flow direction can be traced, and the risk can be controlled.