Joint night inspection, epidemic prevention and control and food safety work in the urban area of Pingliang City
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On the night of the 23rd, Pingliang municipal market supervision bureau went deep into some food production and operation units in Pingliang City to inspect the epidemic prevention and control measures of food production and operation units and the implementation of the responsibilities of food safety subjects.
The inspection team learned about the implementation of the prevention and control measures of each production and business unit in detail, and checked the relevant registration disinfection and sterilization records, health and hygiene management of operators, food storage, kitchen processing, etc.
The inspection team required that all food production and business units should be vigilant, abide by the ninth edition of the prevention and control plan for novel coronavirus pneumonia, strictly implement the main responsibilities of wearing masks in production and business places,”one meter line” waiting,”one sweep, three inspections” and so on, regularly carry out site disinfection and sterilization, maintain regular ventilation, and effectively prevent people, objects, and the environment. At present, it is summer, which is the high incidence period of food safety incidents. Food production and operation entities should attach great importance to it, strengthen the management and control of key links such as personnel health management, kitchen operation hygiene and warehouse storage of goods, strictly abide by the hygienic norms of food production and operation and catering service operation, strengthen food safety self-examination, and timely investigate and eliminate potential food safety risks.
The inspection team emphasized that the personnel of the city’s market supervision system should be clearly aware of the seriousness and complexity of the current epidemic prevention and control in the province and the importance of food safety work, resolutely shoulder political responsibilities, rush ahead, face difficulties, compact responsibilities, continue to work hard, implement”strict” and”meticulous”, pay close attention to key parts and risk links, and consider possible risks and hidden dangers comprehensively, We should deepen the nuances of each link, strengthen patrol inspection and surprise inspection, urge market players to fully implement epidemic prevention and control measures and main responsibilities, and coordinate epidemic prevention and control and food safety.