Join hands with HEMA fresh Chile to promote salmon and wine in China
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   在7月5日至11日举行的“盒马智利电子商业周”(Chile E-commerce week in Hema)活动中,智利出口促进总局(ProChile)北京办事处与盒马鲜生(Fresh Hippo)将包括新鲜水果、坚果、海鲜、葡萄酒等数十种智利美食带给中国消费者。

The website”americaeconomy” reported on July 13, Natalia CORT é s, director of prochile’s office, said:”our partners in China, such as fresh hippo, recognize our work in promoting Chilean food in the Chinese market. In a week, we focused all our energy on promoting Chilean food and focused on those foods in the dietary guidelines for Chinese residents.”
“We not only want consumers to buy our food, but also want them to understand the characteristics of these foods. We made a video with staff from fresh hippo to introduce the benefits of Chilean salmon and wine. Consumers can see this video on the fresh Hippo website and applications.” Cortes said.
In order to improve the nutrition awareness of the whole people and promote a healthy lifestyle, the Chinese government issued a new version of the dietary guidelines for Chinese residents in 2022 after a lapse of six years. Seafood is recommended as high-quality protein. This has brought more opportunities for Chilean seafood, especially salmon, to enter the Chinese market.
China is Chile’s main trading partner and the main destination for Chile’s exports of various foods. In 2021, Chile’s non copper exports to China reached US $8.291 billion. Among them, Chile’s exports of marine products, agricultural products and wine to China exceeded US $3.357 billion. These achievements are attributed to public-private partnerships and related publicity and promotion.
Lorena Sep ú lveda, country director of prochile, stressed:”We are working with exporters every day to promote their products to the international market and provide them with quality standard information in various markets. In recent years, great changes have taken place in the Chinese market, and consumers here pay more and more attention to the functionality, health and traceability of food. This is the reason why we improve the competitiveness of Chilean enterprises through Chilean offices. In this way, Chilean food can enter the market like fresh Well known platforms like hippo.”