Jinchang municipal market supervision bureau comprehensively strengthened the food safety work during the epidemic prevention and control period of the online ordering platform
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In order to strictly prevent the spread of the epidemic and food safety risks caused by online ordering during the epidemic, and ensure the safety of consumers’ meals, the food task force for epidemic prevention and control of Jinchang municipal market supervision bureau has taken many measures, such as interview training and on-site supervision, to supervise and inspect the implementation of epidemic prevention and control and food safety measures on the online ordering platform.
According to the latest situation of epidemic prevention and control in our city, the market supervision and management departments of Jinchang city and county (District) respectively organized the principals of online ordering platforms such as meituan takeout and hungry to hold interview training sessions.
During the interview training, I conveyed and learned the prevention and control plan for covid-19 (Ninth Edition) The notice of the office of the leading group for the joint prevention and control of COVID-19 in Jinchang City on the illegal acts of not actively reporting, misreporting, and concealing reports during the period of handling the epidemic prevention and control according to law (jjbf [2022] No. 16) and the guidelines for health protection of COVID-19 for takeaway delivery and express delivery practitioners and other relevant epidemic prevention and control requirements analyzed the current situation of covid-19 infection in our city, It is required to further strengthen the management of online catering service units on the online ordering platform.
The meeting stressed that all online ordering platforms must achieve”four requirements” during the prevention and control period:first, fully understand the current severe situation of epidemic prevention and control. In accordance with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations, we should conscientiously and actively implement the main responsibility of the platform for food safety, effectively improve our ideological understanding, not take it lightly, try our best to do a good job in the management of the platform, and try to avoid and reduce the epidemic transmission risk and food safety risk caused by ordering meals online during the epidemic. Second, we should strengthen the health management of employees. Strictly make the”yellow and red” code and morning inspection records of employees before taking up their posts every day. All employees conduct nucleic acid testing twice a week and make account records, timely check whether employees have been to medium and high-risk areas, and register the distribution personnel who are isolated at home. Third, we should actively adopt the”non-contact” distribution mode. Strictly require the delivery box to implement the management mode of”one number for one car, one seal for one meal, and one single disinfection”, and require the delivery personnel to wear masks in a standardized manner throughout the whole process to avoid aggregation and cross infection, and implement measures such as”food safety seal” in the delivery link. Fourth, we should actively cooperate with relevant departments to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control. At present, epidemic prevention and control is the top priority of governments at all levels. All online ordering platforms should make every effort to prevent and control, try their best to cooperate with functional departments to do a good job in prevention and control, and timely submit relevant information and information.
In the next step, Jinchang market supervision department will strengthen inspection, supervise the implementation of epidemic prevention work on takeout platforms, urge takeout platforms to implement the main responsibility, strictly and carefully implement various measures in place, and ensure the safety of online dining consumption of the masses.
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