Jilin Provincial Department of market supervision held the deployment meeting of 2022 food safety sampling inspection and monitoring tasks
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On July 21, the Department of market supervision of Jilin Province organized the deployment meeting of 2022 annual food safety sampling inspection and monitoring tasks, deployed the annual food safety sampling inspection and monitoring tasks, and put forward specific work requirements.
The meeting stressed that food sampling should be carried out in accordance with the law and regulations. Food sampling inspection is an important means of food safety supervision. The results of supervision and sampling inspection are directly applied to administrative law enforcement, and the process of sampling and inspection also directly affects the investigation and handling of cases. At the same time, the sampling results will also directly affect the survival and development of food production and management enterprises. Sampling and inspection should be carried out in strict accordance with the food safety law, the administrative measures for sampling inspection of food safety, the detailed rules for the implementation of sampling inspection of national food safety supervision, and the specific work requirements of the State Administration of market supervision and provincial departments to ensure that the sampling and inspection process is legal and compliant.
The meeting required that the working process of food sampling inspection should be strictly standardized. First, refine the plan scientifically. It is necessary to refine the work plan according to the sampling tasks they undertake in combination with the population distribution, differences in climatic and geographical conditions, people’s eating habits, the distribution of food production and operation enterprises, and the situation of obtaining certificates (production, circulation, catering). The”five modernizations” closed-loop working method should be used to streamline and chart the sampling basis and sampling method. Second, optimize the reengineering process. Be familiar with the detailed provisions of the working procedures, document filling, on-site confirmation, sampling methods, inspection methods and judgment basis of sampling inspection. Third, strengthen supervision and assessment. Through standardizing work procedures and strengthening supervision and inspection, the whole link and whole process management of sampling inspection should be formed.
The meeting pointed out that we should comprehensively improve the quality of sampling data. All inspection agencies should strengthen the management of food sampling data submission, standardize the filling of sampling information, and improve the quality of sampling data submission. Special forces should be set up to be responsible for the review and submission of food sampling data to ensure that the submitted sampling data are accurate and effective. For units that have been named, criticized and repeatedly encountered problems by the State Administration of market supervision, the provincial department will strengthen the management of inspection institutions by means of interviews, notifying the provincial market supervision department, suspending or terminating cooperation, etc.
The meeting required that the requirements for sampling inspection and assessment should be fully implemented. We should strictly implement the problem oriented work requirements and improve the unqualified and problem discovery rate of sampling inspection and monitoring. Strictly follow the risk level of the food category in the task, and promote the sampling work on a monthly and quarterly basis, so as to avoid the sudden completion of the task and ensure that the annual work task is completed on time. The provincial department has formulated the assessment rules for all institutions, and will assess all institutions in a variety of ways. The work completion and assessment of each institution will be an important basis for the allocation of sampling inspection tasks. For units that fail to meet the assessment content, the sampling inspection tasks will be suspended or terminated.
15 food safety sampling and monitoring inspection institutions including the provincial quality inspection institute, puni testing (Jilin), national inspection Fengtian (Liaoning), and China testing (Heilongjiang) attended the meeting.
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