Jiangxi provincial market supervision bureau carried out food safety flight inspection on alcohol enterprises in Yifeng county
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In order to further promote the deepening action of”inspection and protection” of food safety in the province, urge food production units to fully perform the main responsibility of food safety and improve the level of quality and safety assurance, on July 26, Jiangxi market supervision and Administration Bureau entrusted the Development Research Institute of the Provincial General Institute of inspection, testing and certification to carry out food safety flight inspection on alcohol enterprises such as Jiangxi Yifeng Dongshan Liquor Co., Ltd.
The inspection team learned about the production process and quality inspection of Baijiu and yellow rice wine by checking the scene and discussing with the person in charge of the enterprise. It mainly inspected the raw material warehouse, production and processing workshop, laboratory, finished product warehouse and other key places of the enterprise, focusing on the production environment, equipment and facilities, production process control, personnel management, HACCP system operation, inspection and testing, storage and delivery control, as well as key work and key links such as purchase, sales and inventory accounts. The inspection team spot checked two batches of Baijiu, listed in detail the problems found in the inspection process, and urged the local regulatory authorities to order the enterprises to rectify within a time limit and further strengthen supervision.