Jiangsu market supervision bureau carried out the verification of food quick inspection results
By: Date: 2022-07-18 Categories: Uncategorized
Recently, Jiangsu provincial market supervision bureau deployed to carry out the verification of food rapid inspection results in 2022, which will verify the reliability of food rapid inspection results by comparing food rapid inspection results with laboratory inspection results, and standardize the use of food rapid inspection.
The verification of the results of food rapid inspection in Jiangsu Province is carried out in a way of linkage at the provincial and municipal levels. The provincial bureau plans to select two rapid inspection units in Wuxi, Nantong, Lianyungang, Yancheng, Yangzhou and other five cities divided into districts to verify the results. The 13 municipal bureaus divided into districts in the province comprehensively verified the results of key quick inspection units within their jurisdiction, sorted out and analyzed the work of food quick inspection rooms (vehicles) established by food business entities in the system and daily supervision, and took advantage of the large amount of data transmission of the food quick inspection system, the quick inspection rooms (vehicles) that undertake the guarantee of major activities, as well as the concentrated residential areas of residents, wholesale markets, agricultural markets, and Focus on the quick inspection room established by shopping malls and supermarkets, and organize the verification of food quick inspection results. The verification method of food rapid inspection results mainly adopts the method of blind sample detection. For edible agricultural products, bulk food, catering food, banned and restricted agricultural and veterinary drugs in on-site manufactured and sold food, banned drugs in feed and animal drinking water, illegally added substances, biological toxins, etc., blind samples are uniformly made to verify the rapid inspection ability of food rapid inspection room (vehicle).
Food rapid detection is an important means of food safety monitoring. Compared with laboratory detection, rapid detection has the characteristics of low detection cost, short cycle and large batch quantity. However, due to the complexity of food matrix, there is also the possibility of false positive or false negative in rapid test. Therefore, laboratory verification of rapid test results is an important measure to ensure the accuracy of rapid test. The verification of food rapid inspection results is the fourth consecutive year organized by the Provincial Bureau, which has verified more than 300 rapid inspection units and more than 2000 samples. Through this work, it will further improve the accuracy of food rapid inspection results, promote the linkage and cooperation between food rapid inspection and laboratory testing, and ensure the safety of people’s diet consumption.