Ji’an Suichuan County jointly launched the”food safety into the community” publicity activity
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At the event site, through the establishment of an information desk, the hanging of banners, the distribution of proposals and color pages of food safety knowledge publicity, store publicity and other forms, the knowledge of food safety laws and regulations, food safety common sense, health food for the elderly, special food fraud prevention and other knowledge was publicized to the masses and business households, so as to help the masses further understand food safety knowledge, protect their own rights and interests, and create a strong atmosphere of social co governance of food safety. In this event, more than 480 promotional materials were distributed, and more than 30 people answered and consulted.
Through publicity activities, we have created a social atmosphere in which everyone cares about and attaches importance to food safety, popularized popular science knowledge about food safety, enhanced the people’s awareness of self-protection and rights protection, and effectively improved the people’s sense of gain, happiness and security.