Japan plans to revise three food standards
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On July 12, 2022, the Ministry of agriculture, forestry and Fisheries of Japan issued No. 550003518, 550003519 and 550003520 consultation documents to revise three food standards. The main revisions are as follows:(1) the agricultural and forestry standards for carrot juice and its mixed juice revised the classification and composition requirements of carrot mixed juice, such as the content of food additives should not exceed 3%, and added the determination method of total carotene in products; (2) The”fruit juice beverage agricultural and forestry standard” added a reference standard to the fruit juice beverage standard, revised the general requirements for the labels of fruit juice beverage products (such as the labels should be marked with 9 basic information, such as name, shelf life, storage method, raw materials, additives, country of origin, etc.), and added a marking method for the labels of concentrated fruit juice, mixed fruit juice and other products; (3) The agricultural and forestry standard for apple juice revised the definition of apple juice, that is, the liquid obtained by apple through pressing, filtration and other processes, in which antioxidants are not allowed to be added, and revised the test method of sugar content and acidity of finished products at the same time; It is supplemented that when the raw materials of apple juice come from a certified specific origin, the label is allowed to mark”use xx (place name) apple” or”use xx (country name) apple” or similar terms. The feedback period of the above consultation document is up to August 11, 2022.