[“inspection and protection” special action] identify the source, study and judge in advance, and deal with it strictly. Linyi market supervision bureau continues to promote the special action of”inspection and protection” of food safety in depth
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Since this year, Linyi has carried out in-depth investigation of potential food safety risks, adhered to problem-oriented and targeted measures, strengthened risk early warning, prevention and resolution, and promoted the”inspection and protection” action of food safety.
 Keep the bottom line
Clean up the source and improve the ability to”keep the bottom line”. Linyi City adheres to the source of risk management, guides and improves the industry level, and promotes the eradication of safety risks caused by poor industry management. In view of the dense distribution of nut products industry and weak inspection capacity within the jurisdiction, Tancheng county was guided to invest more than 400000 yuan to build a shared laboratory in the nut industry. After it was officially put into use in early April, it signed cooperation agreements with 33 production enterprises. The daily inspection and measurement reached 40-50 batches, and a total of 336 batches of samples were tested, with a factory inspection rate of 100%. The data resources of the shared laboratory are interconnected and shared in real time with the grass-roots supervision offices. The supervisors can receive the information of unqualified products in time and deal with it at the first time, effectively curbing the flow of unqualified products into the market. At the same time, the establishment of shared laboratories has greatly saved the inspection cost of enterprises. Each contracted enterprise is expected to save more than 100000 yuan per year, which is conducive to increasing other R & D investment and improving product quality.
  Check hidden dangers
  深入分析,科学研判“Check hidden dangers”。今年,临沂市将“守查保”专项行动与全市守好“一排底线”工作部署紧密结合,深入开展食品领域风险分析研判,立足产业发展和监管实际,科学建立风险等级划分标准,将食品领域风险分为一般、较大和重大三个等级,一般风险就地化解,较大和重大风险提级解决。同时,依托临沂市风险管控平台,建立食品安全风险处置台账,逐项列出风险形式、潜在影响、处置措施及完成时限等内容,做到底数清、跟踪快、情况明。行动开展以来,根据前期风险排查情况和近期国内舆论热点,深入分析、研判当前区域内潜在性、苗头性食品安全风险,制定配套跟进措施,坚决推动监管跑在风险前面。
  Keep safe
  聚焦民生,从严处置“Keep safe”。此次“守查保”行动,临沂市聚焦群众关切的重点行业、重点区域、重点人群,开展针对性治理提升,严厉震慑违法犯罪行为。深化重点品种生产企业“三标”行动,完成“10+2”重点企业三标推进工作360家。全面落实食用农产品批发市场“五项制度”,开展农批市场交互检查促提升。突出“一老一小”等重点人群,强化涉老食品、校园食品隐患排查。5月,排查处置兰山区雅媛百货超市无底线销售儿童食品风险,被国家市场监管总局列为2022年民生领域“铁拳”行动典型案例。“守查保”行动开展以来,临沂市累计检查各类主体14.6万余家,排查风险问题7587个,完成化解5983个;累计查办食品安全行政案件1590件,被市场监管总局、省局选为典型案例9起;破获食品安全刑事案件29起,抓获犯罪嫌疑人110人,坚决守护了人民群众“舌尖上的安全”。