Information publicity of food safety supervision and sampling inspection of Xianning market supervision and Administration Bureau (issue 4, 2022)
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According to the provisions of the food safety law of the people’s Republic of China, Xianning municipal market supervision and Administration Bureau organized 99 batches of 10 categories of food under the jurisdiction of Xianning, including food processing products, edible oils, fats and their products, catering food, beverages, starch and starch products, condiments, bean products, pastries, edible agricultural products and vegetable products. The sampling inspection items include 94 batches of qualified samples and 5 batches of unqualified samples (see the annex for the test items). The details are summarized as follows:
I. General Situation:
44 batches of edible agricultural products, 1 batch unqualified; 3 batches of bean products, 2 unqualified batches; 2 batches of starch and starch products, 1 batch unqualified; 10 batches of vegetable products, 1 batch unqualified; 6 batches of catering food; 6 batches of condiments; 1 batch of cake; 17 batches of grain processed products; 8 batches of edible oil, grease and their products; No unqualified batch was detected in 2 batches of beverages. See the attachment for details.
II. Unqualified products are as follows:
1. The protein detection value of Yuba purchased by Hubei University of science and Technology (production date:March 22, 2022) is 30g/100g, and the standard is ≥ 45.0g/100g;
2. The protein detection value of Yuba purchased by Qinglongshan high school in Xian’an District of Xianning City (production date:April 7, 2022) is 34.6g/100g, and the standard is ≥ 45.0g/100g;
3. The test value of Imidacloprid in ginger purchased by Lu Xun school in Xianning, Hubei Province (purchase date:2022/04/19) is 0.65mg/kg, and the standard is ≤ 0.5mg/kg;
4. The sum of the proportion of the original pickled mustard shreds (production date:January 11, 2022) purchased by the Bijiashan service center of Xianning City to the maximum amount of preservatives when mixed is 1.12, and the standard is ≤ 1;
5. The test value of aluminum residue (dry sample, calculated by Al) of sweet potato vermicelli purchased by Xianning Oriental Foreign Language School (purchase date:April 16, 2022) is 382mg/kg, and the standard is ≤ 200mg/kg;
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