India’s shrimp industry is flooded with antibiotics, threatening global public health
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   《金融时报》报道,越来越多抗生素进入印度养虾业,正加剧抗菌素耐药性 (AMR) 和全球公共卫生的挑战。

The report points out that the price of the sharp increase in shrimp production in India is to increase the use of antibiotics, because a large number of farmers try to avoid disease by using a series of drugs.
The southern shrimp alliance of the United States pointed out that American regulators rejected batches of Indian products after detecting illegal drugs. Some experts said that if the Indian breeding industry does not strengthen control, more farmers will choose to abuse drugs. Although these drugs can help shrimp grow healthily in the short term, they will have a significant impact on global health.
Charles Tyler, Professor of Environmental Biology at the University of Exeter, UK, has studied the shrimp industry in India.”As farmers increase production by increasing density, the drug problem will become more serious, which will impose a huge burden on human diseases. No matter how people comment on drug resistance, the problem will only get worse because our production methods are becoming more intensive,” he said