In the second quarter, the export volume of Chilean salmon increased by 34%year-on-year, and the price increased by 30%
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   智利三文鱼协会(Chilean Salmon Council)统计,2022年第二季度,智利出口161,303吨鲑鳟鱼类,出口额15.5亿美元,量额分别同比增长2.7%、34%。

Among them, the export volume of Atlantic salmon is 127608 tons, accounting for 79.1%, and the export volume is about 1.3 billion US dollars. The export volume of silver salmon and rainbow trout was 19864 tons and 13831 tons respectively, with the export volume of 139 million US dollars and 131 million US dollars.
The Chilean Association said that the average export price in the second quarter reached $9.6/kg, an increase of 30.5%over the same period last year.”The export value of salmon and trout has exceeded the pre epidemic level, reflecting the strong demand for Chilean salmon in the global market.”
“This is the fifth consecutive quarter since the impact of the epidemic. Atlantic salmon and trout exports have shown positive growth. Export prices and export quantities have performed well. Salmon prices have risen in recent months, in line with the rising trend of global food prices.” The association said.
“However, salmon production costs have also increased significantly, and transportation costs have increased significantly, mainly due to high fuel prices and logistics bottlenecks. The costs of raw materials for fish feed and main inputs for aquaculture are also rising.” The association said.
The United States and Brazil are still Chile’s largest salmon export markets. From April to June, the export volume of the United States and Brazil increased by 35.8%and 28.9%year-on-year respectively.
The export of Chilean salmon to China continues to recover, but has not yet reached the pre epidemic level. The sales volume in the Russian market fell sharply, with a year-on-year decrease of 72.1%. The Mexican market has sprung up, accounting for 2.9%of exports, surpassing China and Russia.
The Chilean salmon association consists of empreas aquachile, cermaq, mowi, australis seafoods and SalmoNES Aysen and other producers account for about 50%of Chile’s output.