In the first may of this year, the export volume of salmon in Chile fell, and the export volume increased instead
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Chile’s”salmonexpert” website reported that the United States is the largest export destination of Chilean salmon worldwide. In the first may, Chile exported 107427 tons of salmon to the United States, a year-on-year increase of 4%, and the export volume was $1.227 billion, a year-on-year increase of 41%. Japan (70433 tons, -12%; 492million US dollars, +1%), Brazil (52600 tons, -7%; 367million US dollars, +44%) followed.
Chilean salmon Commission (coJorge lira, head of the research department of nsejo del salm ó n), said that the strong demand in the global market has driven the export of Chilean salmon and also pushed up its price.”Salmon export growth has promoted economic development and employment in the southern Chile (macrozona sur). However, when we analyze the rise in salmon export prices, we must take into account the background of global inflation, because the cost of salmon breeding has also increased accordingly.”
On the export market, lira said:”the U.S. and Brazilian markets have made a great contribution to the growth of Chilean salmon exports. As for China, Chilean salmon exports to China have recovered, but have not yet reached the level before the COVID-19.”
Arturo Cl é ment, President of the Chilean salmon breeding Association (salmonchile), said that the data showed that the global epidemic was gradually improving and the salmon market continued to recover. Chilean farmers are working hard to provide nutritious, healthy and high-quality salmon.