In the first half of this year, 4.8%of Korea’s frozen mackerel imports came from China
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   来自SeafoodMedia 7月11日消息,截止6月,韩国进口海产品656237吨,其中,冷冻鲭鱼36235吨,占总量的5.5%。6月单月进口量1956吨,比去年同期的1070吨,同比增加83%。

In the first half of this year, 32036 tons of frozen mackerel imported from South Korea came from Norway, 1766 tons from China, 1284 tons from Britain, 385 tons from Russia, 341 tons from the Netherlands and 191 tons from Germany.
The unit price of frozen mackerel in Norway is the highest, at $2.48 per kilogram, followed by the United Kingdom and China, at $2.40 and $2.05 respectively, and the lowest in Russia, at $0.86.