In the first half of July:a food operator in Jinan was suspended for rectification due to the”eight no” behavior
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Market supervision departments at all levels in Jinan strictly implement the work requirements of provincial and municipal headquarters, strengthen the supervision and inspection of imported cold chain food enterprises, and adhere to”zero tolerance” for the”eight noes” behaviors that do not use the”Shandong cold chain”, do not ask for certificates and tickets, do not store in different areas, do not light codes for sales, and do not strictly implement the measures for the prevention and control of cold chain food epidemic in the province, so as to achieve”zero tolerance” for the”eight noes” behaviors that are found together, close down for rectification together Recently, a food operator with”eight no” behavior was closed for rectification, and now it is publicly exposed.
  1. Burger King (Beijing) Catering Management Co., Ltd. Jinan high tech District company
Existing problems:imported cold chain food is not stored in different areas