In response to the food crisis, Chile has developed highly drought tolerant wheat
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Chile extranoticias online daily reported on July 26 that inia researcher IV á n Matus said:”research has confirmed that our newly developed wheat variety Pantera inia is highly drought tolerant. Under extreme weather conditions, its yield can reach 3 to 4 tons per hectare.”
He pointed out:”Pantera inia wheat not only needs little water for growth, but also has high water use efficiency.”
Taking this opportunity, Matus also said:”over the years, Chilean wheat planting has been transferred to the south of the country, and 90%of the planting areas are concentrated in Maule and nublyÑuBle), bio bio bio and La Araucan í a, because producers in the central region, such as O’Higgins, have chosen to grow more profitable fruit crops.”
On the other hand, inia also hopes to work with the government to make progress in developing urban nurseries for the benefit of Chilean family farmers.
According to the data provided by the agricultural research and Policy Office of Chile (odepa), Chile consumes 140 kg of wheat per capita in the 2020-2021 annual production season, higher than the world average of 67.4 kg.