In June, 2022, global food prices fell slightly month on month
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The Sika finance website of C ô te d’Ivoire reported on July 11, 2022 that according to the data released by the food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), in June 2022, the global food price increased by 23.1%compared with the same period last year, but decreased by 2.3%compared with may 2022. It shows that although the global food price is still high, it has fallen to some extent. The reasons for the decline are as follows:first, the price of vegetable oil fell by 7.6%compared with the previous month, mainly because the main producing areas of palm oil have entered the high-yield season, especially the expected supply of Indonesia has increased; 2、 Grain prices fell by 4.5%from the previous month, mainly due to the improvement of production conditions in some major wheat producing countries, resulting in a 5.7%decline in international wheat prices; 3、 Sugar prices fell by 2.6%from the previous month, mainly due to the good production prospects. However, in June 2022, some food prices remained rising month on month, for example, the prices of dairy products and meat increased by 4.1%and 1.7%respectively compared with the previous month.