In 2022, the second batch of county-level scientific and technological achievements introduction demonstration and promotion projects in Ningxia Autonomous Region were publicized, and there were 28 items in the food field
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  Food partner online news 7月two0日,宁夏自治区科学技术厅公示了two0twotwo年第二批自治区县域科技成果引进示范推广项目,其中,食品领域有two8项。&#onethree;

List of proposed projects for the introduction, demonstration and promotion of scientific and technological achievements in autonomous regions and counties in two0twotwo (the second batch) in the food field
Serial number entry name Project undertaker
one Introduction, demonstration and popularization of a new corn variety”Kehe sixninenine” for both grain and feed Ningxia Kehe Seed Industry Co., Ltd
two 玉米新品种“大丰onefour07”和“DFsixone7”引进示范与推广 Ningxia Honghe Seed Co., Ltd
three 饲料甜菜新品种“宁引饲甜two号”示范与推广 Ningxia Lvbo Seed Co., Ltd
four Introduction and demonstration of cluster water and fertilizer automatic irrigation system Ningxia waitaoyuan Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd
five Demonstration and popularization of high sugar tomato production technology irrigated in greenhouse root zone Yinchuan Hongsheng fruit and vegetable planting professional cooperative
six Application and demonstration of ecological compound planting and breeding technology of fish and vegetable co cultivation Collective economic cooperative of Shilipu village, Xingjing Town, Xixia District, Yinchuan City
nine Application and demonstration of high yield strawberry virus-free seedling breeding technology Yongning County fresh fruit and vegetable professional cooperative
one0 Demonstration and promotion of water-saving and efficiency increasing technology of drought direct seeding of rice for soil moisture conservation Lingwu Haijiang planting professional cooperative
onetwo 叶用枸杞新品种“宁杞nine号”及配套栽培技术引进与示范 Ningxia green century agricultural science and Technology Development Co., Ltd
onethree Demonstration and promotion of ecological control technology for Lycium barbarum pest control Helan County bairuiyuan medlar Industry Development Co., Ltd
onefour 枸杞新品种“科杞six08two”引进及配套栽培技术示范推广 Ningxia qinongfeng seedling planting professional cooperative
onefive Introduction of Youxin pepper varieties and demonstration and promotion of supporting cultivation techniques Ningxia Lanxing Modern Agriculture Co., Ltd
onesix 高产抗逆水稻新品种宁粳fivesix号示范推广 Ningxia pengfeng Seed Industry Co., Ltd
one7 Modern energy-saving solar greenhouse and its application, demonstration and promotion of efficient production technology Ningxia Daoyu space Rural Ecological Sightseeing Park (Co., Ltd.)
one8 优质高产水稻品种“松辽six号”引进与示范 Ningxia Kefeng Seed Industry Co., Ltd
onenine Demonstration and promotion of precision automatic irrigation technology for dehydrated vegetables in the open field Ningxia Lirong Biotechnology Co., Ltd
two0 Application and demonstration of lactic acid bacteria mixed fermentation technology to improve vinegar quality Shizuishan Tianyuan Food Co., Ltd
twoone Introduction and demonstration of microbial remediation agents for protected melon and vegetable saline alkali soil Wuzhong Jubao Agricultural Service Co., Ltd
twotwo Popularization and application of cold milling stone processing technology in buckwheat flour production Ningxia Jiahe agricultural science and technology Food Co., Ltd
twothree Integration and demonstration of key technologies for production, processing and utilization of high-quality forage Pengxiang farm, Hongsibao District, Wuzhong City
twofour Integrated demonstration and promotion of Tan sheep breeding and industrial quality improvement and efficiency enhancement technology Ningxia shuomu Yanchi Tan sheep breeding Co., Ltd
twofive 苦荞新品种“黔黑荞one号”引进示范与推广 Yanchi County Lake seed breeding professional cooperative
twosix Application and demonstration of efficient production technology of microbial organic fertilizer Jingyuan ruishengyuan agriculture and animal husbandry technology development Co., Ltd
two7 马铃薯新品种“宁薯one8号”引进与示范 Longde Ruiping potato professional cooperative
two8 Demonstration and promotion of large-scale ecological breeding technology of Guyuan chicken Ningxia haoshuichuan breeding Co., Ltd
twonine Application and demonstration of intensive and efficient cultivation technology of apple in Pengyang Ningxia Dongang Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd
three0 Pengyang County Peach and almond processing and utilization technology demonstration Ningxia Tiancheng Funong traditional Chinese Medicine Technology Development Co., Ltd
threeone Demonstration and popularization of fine varieties breeding and Cultivation Techniques of fruit and ornamental Begonia in Liupan Mountain Area Ningxia jinchenglin ecological agriculture and Forestry Technology Co., Ltd
(source:Department of science and technology of Ningxia Autonomous Region)

        In 2022, the second batch of county-level scientific and technological achievements introduction demonstration and promotion projects in Ningxia Autonomous Region were publicized, and there were 28 items in the food fieldimage two0twotwo年第二批自治区县域科技成果引进示范推广项目清单.xls

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