In 2022, Jinan food safety publicity week was launched
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Create a new development of food safety and share a better new life. On July 21, the 2022 Jinan food safety publicity week was launched. Ma Baoling, vice mayor and deputy director of the Municipal Food and drug safety committee, Wang Qing, deputy director of the general office of the municipal government, Zhu Yunsheng, director of the municipal market supervision bureau and director of the Municipal Food and drug safety office, Wen Donghe, party secretary and director of Jinan radio and television station, Li Tao, member of the Party Working Committee and deputy director of the Management Committee of Jinan high tech Zone, and member units of the Municipal Food and drug safety committee, Relevant responsible comrades of the Catering Association of Jinan Federation of industry and Commerce attended the launching ceremony.
The food safety situation continued to improve. Food safety work is a complex social system project, which needs multi-party governance. We should speed up the construction of a food production, operation and consumption community with”enterprise self-discipline, industry supervision, social coordination and public participation”, resolutely safeguard”safety on the tip of the tongue”, and jointly polish the gold lettered signboard of Jinan”national food safety demonstration city”. Food safety departments at all levels in the city should take this event as an opportunity to innovate ideas, check deficiencies, strengthen measures, improve the level of supervision ability, compact work responsibilities at all levels, improve the whole process supervision mechanism of”from farmland to table”, and promote”food safety Jinan” to a higher level.
At the launching ceremony, some representatives of catering enterprises jointly read out the”food safety proposal”, consciously abide by laws and regulations, take the initiative to fulfill the main responsibility of food safety, constantly improve the level of food safety management and service, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, actively accept the supervision of all sectors of society, and make contributions to safeguarding the”safety on the tip of the tongue” of the people and polishing the brand of”food safety Jinan”.
After the launch ceremony, Ma Baoling and other leaders communicated in the booth and exhibition area of production and catering enterprises. Jiajiayue supermarket randomly selected edible agricultural products. The staff carried out a quick inspection on the spot and checked the catering enterprises’ work of”smiling outside the store” and food safety seal.
During the publicity week, Jinan will focus on the theme of”creating a new development of food safety and sharing a better new life”, organize and carry out food safety theme publicity activities with the characteristics of Quancheng, popularize food safety laws and regulations and popular science knowledge to the public from multiple angles, channels and forms, and mobilize all sectors of society to actively participate in the construction and sharing of national food safety demonstration cities, so as to create a food safety theme that everyone cares about, supports A strong atmosphere for everyone to participate in food safety.