In 2022, Jiangsu’s summer grain output increased by 390million Jin, accounting for 13.6%of the total output increase in the country
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According to the survey of the National Bureau of statistics, this year, the sown area of summer grain in our province is 37.062 million mu, the output per unit area is 377.8 kg, and the total output is 28.01 billion kg. The”three increases” in area, unit yield and total yield are higher than the national level. Among them, the total output increased by 390million Jin over the previous year, accounting for 13.6%of the total output increase in the country!
The sown area of summer grain increased slightly
The sown area of summer grain in the whole province is 37.062 million mu, accounting for 9.3%of the sown area of summer grain in the country, an increase of 138000 mu or 0.4%over the previous year, achieving growth for two consecutive years. Among them, the sown area of wheat was 35.659 million mu, an increase of 291000 mu or 0.8%over the previous year.
The main reasons for the steady and slight increase of summer grain area are as follows:first, compaction of grain production responsibility. The provincial Party committee and the provincial government attach great importance to food production, earnestly implement the decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, and the Standing Committee of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government will study food security, strictly implement the assessment of the same responsibility of the party and the government, decompose and assign objectives and tasks level by level, and compact responsibilities layer by layer, so that the rice bowl is served together and the responsibility is shouldered together. Second, increase policy support. We will comprehensively implement policies such as high-standard farmland construction, socialized services for agricultural production, green, high-quality and efficient actions, and timely distribute 1.465 billion yuan of agricultural subsidies for farmers who actually grow grain, 117 million yuan of subsidies for wheat to promote the weak and turn strong, and 168 million yuan of subsidies for”one spray and Three Preventions” of wheat, so as to promote the full coverage of the three major grain crops with full cost insurance in major grain producing counties, and effectively protect and mobilize farmers’ enthusiasm for growing grain. Third, focus on the sown area of wheat. Wheat is the most important summer grain crop in our province, accounting for 96%of the sown area of summer grain. During the autumn sowing last year, the provincial government sent six working groups to guide the autumn harvest and autumn planting, effectively cope with the impact of adverse weather, and realize that summer grain wheat should be planted to the full and all kinds of good feet. The wheat area in the province increased by 291000 mu, which played an important role in stabilizing the summer grain area.
 The unit yield and total yield of summer grain increased steadily
The unit yield of summer grain in the province was 377.8 kg, an increase of 3.9 kg or 1%over the previous year. Among them, the unit yield of wheat was 383 kg, an increase of 3.5 kg or 0.9%over the previous year. The total output of summer grain was 28.01 billion jin, accounting for 9.5%of the country, an increase of 390 million jin or 1.4%over the previous year, accounting for 13.6%of the total national output increase. Among them, the wheat output was 27.31 billion jin, an increase of 470million Jin or 1.75%over the previous year.
The main reasons for the steady increase of summer grain output are:first, continuous improvement of production conditions. Focusing on the core standard of annual grain production capacity of 1000 kg per mu, we will increase investment in high-standard farmland construction and strive to improve farmland infrastructure conditions. From this year, the provincial high-standard farmland investment standard will be raised to 3000 yuan, and the average financial investment per mu will increase by 71.4%, promoting the steady improvement of comprehensive grain production capacity. Second, precise and fine guidance services. Organize and carry out the hundred day battle action to win a good summer grain harvest, coordinate the epidemic prevention and control and spring agricultural production, organize agricultural cadres, agricultural technicians and agricultural experts at all levels to sink into the front line to carry out technical training and follow-up services, and spare no effort to promote the implementation of key measures such as promoting the weak to the strong, spraying Three Preventions, disaster prevention and mitigation. At jointing and booting stage, the proportion of first and second class seedlings of wheat increased to 86.7%, reaching the best level in history. Pay close attention to the prevention and control of major diseases and pests such as scab. The province has raised nearly 200million yuan of prevention and control funds, and the proportion of wheat control drugs has reached 161%, an increase of 6.2 percentage points over the previous year. The incidence degree and area of wheat scab are lower than the same period last year, the lowest in recent 10 years. We carried out large-scale publicity, training and competition activities to reduce the loss of wheat harvests, and the average loss rate of wheat harvests was less than 2%. Third, the meteorological conditions are generally favorable. Last year, the weather was fine during the peak of wheat sowing, which was conducive to the mechanical operation of autumn sowing and improved the sowing quality. The accumulated temperature during wheat seedling stage and overwintering period is high, the light is sufficient, and the soil moisture is relatively appropriate, which makes up for the adverse effects of late sowing and is conducive to the transformation of weak seedlings into strong ones. The combination of temperature, light and water at the stage of rejuvenation, jointing, booting and flowering is good, which is conducive to grain and weight increase. During the filling stage, there is less rain and sufficient light, which is conducive to filling and grain filling.
In 2022, Jiangsu achieved a bumper harvest in summer grain production, which laid a good foundation for stabilizing grain production throughout the year and contributed to stabilizing national food security. In the next step, our province will continue to pay close attention to autumn grain production, make every effort to stabilize the”basic plate” of agriculture, build a ballast for”agriculture, rural areas and farmers”, and take practical actions to meet the victory of the 20th CPC National Congress.
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