In 2022, Huaihua food safety publicity week was officially launched
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On July 27, the launching ceremony of 2022 food safety publicity week (Huaihua) with the theme of”safer food and healthier body” and Huaihua demonstration level IV food safety accident emergency drill were held in Yuanling County. Hanxiaobo, vice mayor of Huaihua Municipal People’s government and deputy director of Huaihua Municipal Food Safety Commission, xiongzhiyong, Deputy Secretary General of Huaihua Municipal People’s government, and others attended the meeting.
The overall qualified rate of quality and safety monitoring of major agricultural products has stabilized at more than 97%, and the qualified rate of food safety evaluation sampling inspection has stabilized at more than 98%. Regional and systematic major food safety risks have been basically controlled, and no major food safety accidents have occurred for three consecutive years. In the public satisfaction survey on food safety organized by the provincial Food Safety Commission, Huaihua ranked third in the province in 2021. Among them, Yuanling County has been rated as a provincial and municipal food safety advanced county for three consecutive years. This year, the county raised its coordinates and competed for the first place, built a food safety intelligent supervision command center and a food safety education and learning base, and actively created a provincial food safety demonstration county.
At the ceremony, Han Xiaobo announced the official launch of the food safety publicity week, xiongzhiyong issued certificates to representatives of food safety experts, and representatives of 10 food industry enterprises in the city made public commitments to safe food management. Subsequently, the 2022 Huaihua demonstration level IV food safety accident emergency drill was held to further improve the emergency response capacity of food safety accidents.
At the event site, an interactive Q & A area of the food safety theme wall and an on-site consultation and exhibition area of food safety were set up to receive food safety advice, distribute food safety publicity books, carry out publicity on the prevention and control of wild mushroom poisoning, science popularization of special food, promotion of food safety liability insurance, identification of true and false alcohol, salt knowledge, and knowledge of sampling and testing regulations.
Comrades in charge of the member units of the Municipal Food Safety Commission, deputy directors of the Food Safety Commission and directors of the food safety office in all counties and cities, as well as some food safety experts, industry associations, food enterprises and news media representatives attended the event.