In 2022, Hanoi and provincial and municipal agricultural products,”one Township, one product” Product Promotion Week officially opened
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The event attracted many units and enterprises from 29 provinces and cities across the country, including Hejiang, Beijian, Langshan, Xuanguang, Guangning, Laojie, Anpei, dienbian, ShanLuo, Beining, Henan, Haiphong, Xing’an, etc., with a total of 140 booths.
In his speech at the opening ceremony, Ruan Yingyang, director of Hanoi investment, trade and Tourism Promotion Center, stressed that this is one of the key trade promotion activities, which is intended to support enterprises to increase the degree of production and marketing, expand the product sales market, and make contributions to social and livelihood security. In particular, through this event, the Hanoi investment, trade and Tourism Promotion Center will assist enterprises to introduce”one Township, one product” products into the promotion and sales points of”one Township, one product” products within Hanoi, so as to integrate all units with the modern retail system.
Director Ruan Yingyang said that the plan is expected to become an opportunity for participating units to widely promote their brands and products to tourists and consumers in the capital. Thus, it helps to enhance the brand value and enrich the”one Township, one product” products related to local tourism; At the same time, promote agricultural economic development and new rural construction.
The typical”one Township, one product” products of Hanoi and provinces and cities gathered in this event include seafood, biscuits, candy, tea, coffee, processed food, agricultural products, etc. Hanoi city has introduced some”one Township, one product” products, such as fresh milk, Bawei yogurt, herbal tea, tea bags, essential oils and handicrafts.
Xing’an province introduced honey, lotus seeds, longan, dried bananas, Dongzao chicken, turmeric starch and other commodities to consumers in the capital.
Beijian province recommends Shanxue tea, honey, fragrant wax gourd and other products that have obtained the certification of”one Township, one product” above three-star level. Jialai, Lintong, duonong and other provinces and cities promote coffee, macadamia nuts, strawberry juice, raspberry juice and other products that meet the product standard of”one Township, one product”.
The representative of the organizing committee revealed that the products participating in the exhibition were selected by the provincial and municipal agricultural, forestry and aquatic products quality management and trade promotion institutions, and obtained the product quality certification and”one Township, one product” certification according to the regulations.
During the event, the organizing committee also held promotional activities, trial products, and”one Township, one product” product production skills exhibition activities.
The 2022 agricultural products promotion week in Hanoi and all provinces and cities,”one Township, one product” will end on July 24. (end)