Improper use of food additives nine local cake manufacturers in Singapore were suspended from business
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   Food partner online news  2022年7月27日,新加坡食品局(SFA)发布消息,由于食品添加剂使用不当,SFA暂停了9家本地糕点制造商生产的各种糕点产品,暂停从2022年7月26日起生效。

According to Singapore food regulations, benzoic acid/sorbic acid is not allowed to be used in pastry products, except for its stuffing, but it shall not exceed the maximum allowable limit. SFA has been closely monitoring local pastry manufacturers since benzoic acid was detected in locally produced pastry products in March 2022. This time SFA detected high levels of benzoic acid/sorbic acid in pastries and pastry components (such as dough) produced by 9 pastry manufacturers.
For the sake of public health, SFA is taking enforcement action against relevant manufacturers and suspending the production, distribution and sale of relevant pastry products that do not comply with Singapore’s food regulations. Food manufacturers should comply with Singapore food regulations to ensure that only permitted food additives within the permitted level are used. As a precaution, SFA also instructed pastry manufacturers to recall affected pastry products. The recall is in progress.
According to the detected level, eating the affected product once or twice does not constitute a food safety problem. Consumers should not eat foods with high content of benzoic acid/sorbic acid for a long time. This is because although benzoic acid and sorbic acid are common additives and are safe when used in small amounts, studies on animals fed high doses of benzoic acid have shown that their central nervous system is disordered and their brains are also changed. Animals fed high doses of sorbic acid showed a growth slowing effect. Consumers who have eaten affected products and are worried about their health should seek medical advice. Consumers can contact their point of purchase for inquiry.
Details of the 9 local pastry manufacturers and their products are as follows:

Improper use of food additives nine local cake manufacturers in Singapore were suspended from businessimage