Illegal substances were detected and Vietnam’s export of frozen catfish was notified
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   Food partner online newsAccording to the European Union food and feed rapid warning system (RASFF), on July 28, 2022, France notified Vietnam that the export of frozen catfish was unqualified through RASFF. The specific notification information is as follows:

Notification time

Notifying country

Notification products


Reason for notification

Sales status/action taken

Notification type



Frozen Catfish

two thousand and twenty-two point four three nine eight

Malachite green detected

Distribution to other member states/recall from consumers; Exit the market

Warning notice

  据通报,不合格Frozen Catfish 销至了France和荷兰。食品伙伴网提醒出口企业,严格按照欧盟成员国要求进行产品出口,保证产品的安全性,规避出口风险。