“Ice cream Assassin” Mo arrogant Weifang Kuiwen District Market Regulation Bureau shot
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Since July 1, Weifang Kuiwen District Market Supervision Bureau has carried out a special inspection of the ice cream product market, conducting on-site inspections of ice cream products in supermarkets, convenience stores, food stores and other business places within its jurisdiction, maintaining the order of the ice cream commodity market, so that”ice cream assassins” will no longer hurt people.
In this special inspection, Kuiwen District Market Supervision Bureau carried out the inspection from the key links such as purchase, storage, pricing, sales, etc. By checking whether the operator has fulfilled the obligation of incoming inspection, whether the implementation of claim for certificates and tickets, whether the labels and labels of the outer packaging of products are complete, whether there are illegal acts such as false labeling of food sold beyond the shelf life and production date, whether the outer packaging of cold drink food such as ice cream is damaged, whether the ice cream is clearly priced in a significant way, whether it is true and accurate, whether the goods are signed in place, and whether the logo is eye-catching. At the same time, the regulations on clearly marked prices and prohibition of price fraud, which came into force on July 1, were publicized to business operators, informing them that when selling goods, they should indicate the name, price and pricing unit of the goods, and when providing services, they should indicate the service items, service contents and prices or pricing methods.
Up to now, the Kuiwen District Market Supervision Bureau has dispatched 168 law enforcement personnel, inspected 232 business households within its jurisdiction, and issued 5 notices ordering correction. Through this special action, maintain market order and let consumers eat”reassuring ice cream”.