Huzhou South Taihu New Area Binhu Institute carried out the joint inspection of food safety in the”night market” of Huzhou film and television city
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In the hot summer, the night market has entered the peak consumption season, and the hidden dangers of food safety have increased. In order to ensure that the masses eat safe and assured food, recently, the food and Drug Department and the police station of the Binhu branch of the South Taihu new area jointly inspected the food safety of the night market of Huzhou film and television city. A total of 4 law enforcement officers were dispatched to inspect more than 20 night market vendors and supervise the rectification of 5 on site.
First, focus on the top and bottom to eliminate potential safety hazards. The inspection was arranged in advance, and the food and Drug Department of the Branch Bureau and the police station jointly carried out on-site inspection focusing on whether the employees were subject to physical examination, whether the business premises had forbidden food, whether the environmental sanitation was clean and tidy, and whether there were potential safety hazards in food storage.
Second, we should pay attention to all-round standardization and ensure food safety. Comprehensively check whether the operating stalls are clearly priced, whether there is false publicity and misleading consumption; Check whether the night market stall owners operate in a standardized manner, whether the certificates and tickets are standardized, and whether the refrigeration facilities and equipment are in normal operation, so as to effectively grasp the food safety issues and ensure the food safety of consumers.
Third, widely publicize and strictly implement, and jointly build a green economy. Urge the organizers to do a good job in garbage classification, waste oil recycling and disposal, and earnestly implement the main responsibility of food safety. Actively publicize the relevant contents of the food safety law, and enhance the awareness of food safety subjects and responsibilities of operators. The police station puts forward relevant requirements for security issues such as public security and drainage.
In the next step, the Institute will continue to strengthen the inspection, further ensure the dietary health and safety of the masses, and help the healthy and orderly development of the night market economy in its jurisdiction.