Hunan reported the food safety work of off campus catering units in the province and promoted the special action of”inspection and protection”
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On July 28, the market supervision bureau of Hunan Province and the Provincial Department of Education jointly held the 10th meeting of the notification and interview of food safety work of off campus catering units in the province and the”inspection and protection”. Liao Jian, deputy director of the provincial food safety office, member of the Party group and deputy director of the provincial market supervision bureau, and Zuo Qing, member of the Education Working Committee of the provincial Party committee, member of the Party group and deputy director of the Provincial Department of education attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Deng Jianjun, the second level inspector of the provincial market supervision bureau, presided over the meeting.
The meeting conveyed the spirit of relevant documents of the Ministry of education and the State Administration of market supervision, and informed the investigation and evaluation of food safety risks of off campus catering units in Hunan Province in the first half of the year. The heads of Hunan Tianchen Catering Management Co., Ltd. and Hanhe Food Co., Ltd. Jinshi Branch made an experience introduction at the meeting, and the heads of Hunan mupinshao Catering Management Co., Ltd. and Yongzhou Mulin Cold Chain Distribution Co., Ltd. made a statement at the meeting, All off campus catering units signed and submitted the letter of commitment on food safety on site, and experts from the provincial commodity Evaluation Center analyzed and trained the problems and risk points related to off campus catering.
The meeting noted that
The off campus catering unit is large in scale, with a large number of catering schools and students, involving a wide range, a wide range of influence, and high risks. School food safety is related to the health and life safety of teachers and students, the happiness of hundreds of millions of families, social harmony and stability, high social attention and low ignition point of public opinion, which is the top priority of food safety work. We must attach great importance to it and do a good job.

Meeting requirements
Education departments at all levels, market supervision departments, schools and off campus catering units should further enhance the”four senses”, strictly implement the”four strictest” requirements, conscientiously implement the food safety law of the people’s Republic of China and its supporting regulations, and earnestly implement the regulatory responsibilities and main responsibilities. Schools and off campus food supply units should establish and improve the school food safety risk prevention and control system and mechanism throughout the whole process of raw material procurement, storage, processing and supply, so as to ensure that all work has rules to follow, ensure that raw materials are reliable, the process is controllable, problems can be checked, and the whole process can be traced. Off campus catering units should establish, improve and implement the food safety self-examination system, strengthen daily inspection, focus on the early and small, strengthen the investigation and rectification of potential risks, and timely rectify and implement the emerging potential risks found.
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