Huangshi Municipal market supervision and administration bureau food safety supervision and sampling information announcement (issue 6, 2022)
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In accordance with the provisions of the food safety law of the people’s Republic of China and its implementation regulations, and in combination with the relevant requirements of the notice of the provincial market supervision bureau on carrying out the”you click Hubei inspection” activity of online food safety and the notice of the municipal Market Supervision Bureau on carrying out the special supervision and sampling inspection of online food, Huangshi Market Supervision Administration recently organized the sampling inspection of 13 batches of”you click I inspection” online food special sampling inspection; 80 batches of special sampling inspection of online food; And daily sampling inspection (grain processed products, edible oil, oil and its products, cakes, tea and related products, convenience food, alcohol, beverages, fried food and nut products, bean products, meat products, dairy products, catering food, edible agricultural products, etc.), a total of 285 batches of samples of 18 categories of food, 368 batches of qualified samples and 10 batches of unqualified samples. According to the national food safety standards, if individual items are unqualified, their products are judged as unqualified products. The information of the 6th supervision and sampling inspection is now disclosed as follows:
  1、 Specific situation
A total of 378 batches of samples were sampled in this period, including 45 batches of grain processed products, 8 batches of edible oil, grease and their products, 27 batches of alcohol, 6 batches of dairy products, 3 batches of egg products, 1 batch of starch and starch products, 4 batches of bean products, 1 batch of canned food, 4 batches of vegetable products, 4 batches of convenience food, 2 batches of fried food and nut products, 48 batches of pastries, 12 batches of meat products, 5 batches of tea and related products, 32 batches of beverages, 2 batches of sugar, There are 13 batches of catering food and 161 batches of edible agricultural products.
Among them, 368 batches are qualified (see Annex 1-annex 3); 10 batches of unqualified agricultural products:7 batches of unqualified agricultural products, and the unqualified items are sodium 4-chlorophenoxyacetate, enrofloxacin and fenthion; There are 3 batches of unqualified cakes, and the unqualified items are the total number of colonies, mold and preservatives exceeding the standard. (see Annex 4)
  2、 Disposal
Our bureau has asked the Department responsible for the inspection and disposal to immediately start the inspection and disposal work after receiving the report of nonconforming products, take measures such as taking the nonconforming products off the shelves, recalling, suspending sales, and further investigate and dispose of them according to law.
Huangshi market supervision and Administration Bureau
July 6th, 2022