Huangshan catering industry advocates small dishes and opposes catering waste
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On July 13, Huangshan Municipal Market Supervision Bureau and the Municipal Food Safety Promotion Association held an on-the-spot meeting of the city’s catering industry to promote small dishes and oppose catering waste. More than 120 people attended the meeting, including the principal of Huangshan Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, the principal of the municipal civilization office, the legal work committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the Municipal Food Safety Promotion Association, the Secretariat of the municipal catering and cooking industry association, the principal of the district and county market supervision bureaus, the principal in charge, the principal of the food safety department (stock) in charge of catering services, the representatives of district and County catering enterprises and the principals of large and above catering enterprises in the central city.
The meeting shared the specific measures of Huashan Huiyan hotel in saving food and fighting against catering waste. The representatives of the catering industry practitioners present at the meeting issued the initiatives of”new HUICAI name huichu cooking conscience dishes and small dishes” and”advocating an appropriate order of small dishes against extravagance and waste” to the catering enterprises in the city. The heads of the catering enterprises signed the”letter of determination to create a national food safety demonstration city”.
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