Huainan market supervision and Administration Bureau deployed the risk classification and supervision of food production enterprises
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Recently,Huainan market supervision and Administration BureauHold a video conference on the supervision of food production to make arrangements and requirements for the implementation of risk classification and supervision of food production enterprises.
The meeting required that first, the risk level should be scientifically classified. The food safety risk score is determined according to the variety, business type, scale and control level of food production enterprises, and the credit risk score is determined according to the general credit risk classification results of enterprises. According to the score from low to high, the risk grade of food production enterprises is rated as grade A, B, C and D. the higher the score, the higher the risk.
Second, dynamically adjust the risk level. The newly established food production enterprise shall be supervised and inspected by the local market supervision department within three months after the enterprise is certified, and the enterprise risk level shall be determined for the first time according to the quantitative score of risk factors. Rely on the comprehensive food supervision platform to update the quantitative scores of enterprise risk factors in a timely manner.
Third, adjust the risk level directly under specific circumstances. For enterprises that have obtained good production practices, hazard analysis and critical control point system certification, the risk level shall be reduced accordingly; For enterprises that are subject to administrative punishment for deliberately violating food safety laws and regulations, the risk level shall be raised accordingly, and for enterprises listed in the list of serious violations of laws and regulations, the highest risk level shall be directly set.
Fourth, implement classified supervision according to the risk level. In principle, the market supervision department in the jurisdiction shall carry out full project supervision and inspection for class A enterprises at least once every two years, class B enterprises at least once a year, class C enterprises at least twice a year, and class D enterprises at least three times a year.