Huai’an City smashes two systems of fake dimple shops
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Recently, Huai’an Municipal Market Supervision Bureau launched the activity of”municipal supervision and escort, and help enterprise development”. In view of the fact that famous and high-quality enterprises are troubled by criminals’ counterfeiting and infringement, it carried out a special action of law enforcement and crackdown on counterfeiting, successfully destroyed two dens for the production and sale of fake wine, and seized more than 20 boxes of fake”four open national margins”,”opposite open national margins”,”elegant national margins”,”Dream Blue”,”sea blue” and other famous wines.
In this special action, the municipal market supervision bureau organized market supervision departments such as qingjiangpu District, Huai’an district and Huaiyin District, together with the public security police, and dispatched 32 law enforcement officers to conduct surprise inspections on the dens suspected of manufacturing and selling fake alcohol. In an underground garage in the residential area of Nanyao village, Huai’an District, law enforcement officers seized a large number of fake wine and fake raw materials on the spot, and seized 18 bottles of fake”Si Kai Guoyuan”,”DUKAI Guoyuan” 25 bottles and”Dan Ya Guoyuan”, 17 bottles of”five-year collection” and 44 sets of”DUKAI Guoyuan” packing boxes (boxes) for fake raw materials, 1 set of filling tools and 3 books of accounts. Almost at the same time, there was also a good report from qingjiangpu district. Law enforcement officers seized 8 cases of Baijiu involved in the case in a tobacco and alcohol firm, including 2 cases of”Dream Blue”,”sea blue”, 2 cases of”national margin four open” and 2 cases of”National margin opposite open”.
At present, the relevant cases are under intense investigation and handling.