Hengyang:search the whole city for”ice cream Assassin” to help you”have a cool summer”
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Since the beginning of summer, ice cream sales have entered the peak season. While citizens enjoy cool and delicious food, the”ice cream Assassin” has also inadvertently caused”harm” to consumers’ wallets and mood. In order to effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, the problems of unclear pricing, chaotic pricing, price fraud and so on in the ice cream sales market have been rectified., On the afternoon of July 13, Hengyang Market Supervision Bureau launched a special inspection on the price of”ice cream assassins” in the urban area.
This special inspection, mainly aimed at supermarkets, cold drink wholesale stores, retail stores and other market entities, focused on”online red ice cream” with high prices such as”Zhong Xuegao”, and conducted a detailed inspection on whether all kinds of market entities clearly priced ice cream according to the regulations in the process of selling ice cream, and whether there were violations that misled consumers by making up the original price and false discounts.
During the inspection, it was found that some businesses had problems such as unspecified price, unmatched goods labels, and nonstandard price. The law enforcement personnel issued a notice of order to correct the four businesses with corresponding problems on site, requiring the businesses to rectify within a time limit. At the same time, all business entities are warned to strictly implement the provisions of clearly marked prices, reject vague information and misleading consumption, prohibit price fraud, carry out business activities in accordance with the law and regulations, and fundamentally put an end to the emergence of all kinds of consumption”assassins”.
Next, the Hengyang market supervision and administration department will continue to carry out the price supervision of ice cream, ice cream and other commodities, carry out a”look back” on the problems found in the previous inspection, and strictly investigate and deal with the merchants who refuse to rectify in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. At the same time, I hope that the public friends can assist the market supervision department to strengthen supervision. If it is found that there is no clearly marked price or there is price fraud, try to retain the evidence and complain through 12315 and 12345 platforms. Let’s work together to maintain the market price order and spend a cool summer together.
Contributed by:price supervision and inspection department